Saturday, October 24, 2009

Toilet Doilies

I was at work the other day and I had to take a shit. As I was struggling to give birth to this turd, someone went into the stall next to me. First thing the dumb ass did was grab one of those paper toilet doilies. Poor little bastard was afraid to have his tushie touch the toilet seat.... This really pisses me off! Did this ignorant fuck really think that the tissue paper thin “protector” was going to make any bit of sanitary difference. If I can see through one of these things, then germs can literally run through them.

If this pecker is afraid to let his ass touch a toilet seat, then there is no way this guy eats pussy. I wonder if he has a little paper doilie to line his lovers crotch. He surely wouldn't want his face to have skin to cunt contact. When he is done, does he lather his tongue with hand sanitizer?

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